What's happened to the old website?

You may know that Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Prog and Blues were bought by TeamRock in March 2013, and since TeamRock's team of developers have been working behind the scenes to bring you websites fit for 2014 to let you enjoy multimedia content easily and have a great time doing it.

I liked the old websites, can I have them back?

No. They were designed and supported by Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Blues' previous owners. In the same way you might have loved your first flat, it belongs to someone else so you can't just go back and keep using it.

But the websites don't work

If you find anything wrong let us know! We want to work with you to improve our sites & apps. Drop us a line at bugs@teamrock.com and tell us about the problem.

I just don't like the websites

That's OK. Change is tough to get used to. We understand. We really believe you'll grow to love what we're offering over time as we roll out all the features. And if you really hate something, and can tell us why, then chat to us at info@teamrock.com. This is as much your community as ours.

So, who are TeamRock?

We Are TeamRock! We are a new company that brings together the people that ran Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Blues with other experienced rock music media professionals - people who brought you Rock Radio amongst other things.

Everyone involved is a rock and metal fan and we are determined to give this tremendous global community a shared home to enjoy the music and lifestyle you love - somewhere to Belong.

Scott Rowley, our Editorial Director (formerly Editor of Classic Rock) summed it up brilliantly at 2013's Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards by saying ‘We've left a label that didn't really get us and arrived at one that understands us completely'.

Are TeamRock basically suits?

No! Whilst we have been known to wear a suit (we have friends who don't think a Dying Fetus t-shirt is appropriate for a wedding) we are all about the music and giving you the closest access to it. We have a terrific team of investors who believe in what we're doing (and who have been known to enjoy a few pints at Download) with a group of Directors who have been working on the idea of TeamRock for years now.

Are you out to make a quick buck from the fans?

No. That would be short-sighted. TeamRock will be offering products and services for you to use and believe they'll all offer value to our users. Also, if you want to just use our sites and listen to our radio station for free, forever, that's absolutely fine.

Why do you want me to register?

To give you full access to the artists you love. Joining our community means you can build your profile over time, so we learn what you love and hate, so you can find new music and get close to the music that defines you already. We want to bring you news, features, interviews, music, video, merchandise, games, tickets and so much more on your computer, your mobile, your tablet or in person at our events. You'll also be able to interact with like minded people as you discover more than you ever imagined in rock and metal.

By registering, we will learn what you like, what you don't like, and use this information to provide you with articles relevant to you. Over time we will also be able to recommend new bands to you that you might otherwise have missed.

Is my data safe?

Yes! We recognise that the quickest way to kill the whole idea of our community is to be reckless or unsafe with your data. We'll be keeping it locked away using industry standard tools.

Am I going to be spammed?

No. You control how we contact you and how often. Of course we don't want you to miss out on things like discounted tickets for gigs near you, so we hope you'll want to hear from us.

Will TeamRock sell my data on?

No. You control your information and who can contact you. We work with carefully chosen third parties - mostly companies that advertise in our magazines - and if you give us permission we'll share their message with you. But if you don't want that we won't tell you. TeamRock exists to only work with partners who are relevant to the rock and metal community so we'll never give your details to someone to offer you something random for example.

What are you going to change about Metal Hammer/Classic Rock/Prog/Blues?

Nothing. We are proud that not a single person from the business pre-joining TeamRock has chosen to leave since we bought it. We have promoted many existing editors and writers so they can control the direction of the content we produce even more. Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Blues already had the best in the business and after becoming part of TeamRock we believe they've been enhanced further with experts in digital content helping them offer you even more.